• Precomputed Radiance Transfer for Reflectance and Lighting Estimation
    Daniel Thul, Vagia Tsiminaki, Ľubor Ladický, Marc Pollefeys
    International Conference on 3D Vision, 2020
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  • Approximate Convex Decomposition and Transfer for Animated Meshes
    Daniel Thul, Ľubor Ladický, Sohyeon Jeong, Marc Pollefeys
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Technical Papers, 2018
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  • Deep Appearance – Synthesizing Materials with Neural Networks
    Daniel Thul
    Master’s Thesis at TU Darmstadt supervised by Michael Goesele and Jaakko Lehtinen, 2017
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  • Decoupled Space and Time Sampling of Motion and Defocus Blur for Unified Rendering of Transparent and Opaque Objects
    Sven Widmer, Dominik Wodniok, Daniel Thul, Stefan Guthe and Michael Goesele
    Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2016, 2016
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  • Position-based Simulation of Multibody Systems
    Daniel Thul
    Bachelor’s Thesis at TU Darmstadt supervised by Jan Bender, 2013